stb_image - Top level API Design

A short note about stb_image after I integrated into my studying project. I can see how flexible and ease in integration as advertised towards your own stuff i.e. game engine, or game.

Let’s look at design approach stb_image used to achieve such result.

It is

  1. a single header library

    Minimize the issue in including arbitrary library into your build system, no need to modify or customize your build system to satisfy such library.

    This means such library is designed and implemented in well supported way i.e. compiler, normal standard programming language’s features in used, etc.
  2. utilizing preprocessor to help

    A single header file needs to have both function prototypes, and their implementation co-living together. Thus duplicately include such header will result in conflict of existing function already defined, that sort of things. stb_image uses preprocessor i.e. #define STB_IMAGE_IMPLEMENTATION to be defined before including its header file to let it knows to include its implementation code at the point of inclusion as well.

    So use the following at a single point in your game engine, or game.

    #include "stb_image.h"

    stb_image source also mentions about this at the top of its file. Only #define STB_IMAGE_IMPLEMENTATION and include the header at only one place. The point is that implementation can live at only one place. See here.

    Use the following when any source file in your game engine, or game need to use such library’s functionality.

    #include "stb_image.h"

    Additional note, as stb_image has several of inline functions such it’s necessary to have its corresponding implementation code inside the header file; result in co-living of both function prototypes and implementations. In case you want to separate this into header, and implemlentation file, then there are a few ways to do this as follows.

    1. Have additional preprocesor for user to #define ... thus include such relevant section of code in proper place
    2. A library is designed in non-single header, but instead it is header + implementation file.


Oct, 31, 2019

First published on Aug, 13, 2019

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