Going out. Tidbits WeChat Mini-game Insights.

You know, I’m kinda in between introvert and extrovert. But lately, I’ve spent most of the time inside the room trying to make the end meet (without success).

So whenever I go out of the room, it’s like a caveman going out for sunshine.

Ok, the point is I kinda need to step back. I was on the mission to find the job after realize I won’t make it, there’s no light at the end. I’m no longer happy with what I’m doing. It’s slightly shock that after graduated from the university back in 2011. Now it’s mostly 8 years without a major success or breakthrough on trying to be sustainable on things I was doing. Feeling of wasted?

I don’t know. Now I’m 30. To be honest, I fear.

Anyway, I went to meet with this Chinese connection through my Chinese girlfriend. Three results I got from meeting

  1. New friends
  2. More tidbits insights from WeChat mini-game market & ecosystem
  3. Self-realization

Just skip first point, I’m mostly a human on earth with minimal friends.

WeChat mini-game market

The following tidbits come from the Chinese guy I was talking to. He made 4 mini-games published on WeChat mini-game platform published by Tencent; on behalf of his own personal account.


At the near end of meeting, I came to realization that my strategy is so wrong and broken. Even I knew what I should do, but I decided to follow what’s right in my heart. “What’s right” in this case means things I just wanna do without regards to business.

He (the guy I was talking to) has very strong and good strategy. He stick to tech stack he already had skill at (as did in his job during time in Tencent), and business goal-oriented. Get quick money result from mini-game with simple similar game concept of those popular games in the market but with slightly adaptation. Use cocoscreator as engine (the thing I don’t like about honestly as I’m not happy using it, unaligned to my energy which later costed me this result) for one code-base then publish on various platform included QQ, and others which support mini-game.

The excitement of realization comes in that day and cool down in the next morning. I’m still a low level guy loving to work with low level stack. At some point I might need to accept this trade-off.

I can’t go fast with what I’ve chosen.

Web ecosystem mainly for games is not aligning with my energy.

The fear of not being successful is still there of what I’ve chosen.

First published on July, 19, 2019

Written by Wasin Thonkaew
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